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Best Floorstanding Speakers

There are dozens of different floor-standing speakers to choose from so it can be a real challenge to pick the right ones. Well in this review we break down the top 5 best floorstanding speakers for classical music on the market this year based on price versus performance and situations they will be used in. We’ll be taking a look at products in every budget range so regardless of whether you’ve got a few bucks to spare and want the best value or looking for the best of the best, we’ll have an option for you. So if you’re interested in finding out which floorstanding speaker will be the best for you stay tuned.

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Here are our Top 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers For Classical Music Winner after research.
#5 Pioneer SP-FS52 Highly acclaimed and award winning series of speakers designed by world-renowned speaker engineer Andrew Jones. The SP-FS52 floor standing speakers were designed to offer extraordinary performance and remarkable sound quality for music and home theater at an affordable price.83%AMAZON
#4 Yamaha Ns-F150 Elegant, high performance home theater speakers ideal for HD movies and music. The impressive 2-way, 3-speaker NS-F150 delivers natural sound with powerful bass output and comes in a beautiful piano black finish.87%AMAZON
#3 Klipsch RP-280F The Reference Premiere RP-280 home theater system is the top of the line in the Reference Premiere series. Your friends will be jealous – your neighbors will be pissed.93%AMAZON
#2 Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II They are highly efficient, so they can be driven easily by unpretentious receivers, and they are voice matched for lifelike surround sound environments. The monitor series boasts a stylish look that complements today’s flat screen technology, with wood grain finishes and modern titanium faces. Built for speed, sound and value, The monitor series is a great introduction to high performance sound.97%AMAZON
#1 Q Acoustics 3050i Leading Technology; Outstanding PerformanceHigh Frequency Driver Unit For An Unaltered SoundMid/Bass DriverBeautiful Inside & Out99%AMAZON

5. Pioneer SP-FS52 Review

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Loudspeaker

Number 5 on our list is pioneer SP-FS52. The Pioneer SP-FS52 has an award-winning design with RF moulded curved cabinets which reduce internal standing waves. The three five and a quarter structured surface woofers feature oversized magnets and vented pull pieces for optimal bass response. This speakers, one inch high-efficiency soft dome tweeter delivers smooth high-frequency sound reproduction even at high volume levels. The eighth element complex crossover blends the audio perfectly between the woofer and tweeter for maximum accuracy. You will also be sure to love the stylish and modern black woodgrain aesthetic of this speaker.

It measures ten point seven by eight point nine by thirty five point two inches with a total weight of twenty five point eight pounds. This means that it is fairly easy to move around when necessary. Made with premium materials, this speaker is very durable and offers impressive overall sound quality throughout the entire range. It does an excellent job of handling the highs mids and lows for a well balanced sound that will enhance your listening experience.

4. Yamaha Ns-F150 Floor Standing Speaker

Yamaha NS-F150

The Yamaha NS-F150 features gold-plated speaker terminals that are designed for extreme durability and accuracy for precision performance. It has a removable speaker grille and stylish piano black mirror finish that will look good in any room of your home. This speaker has a two-way system with three speakers that include two six and a half inch cone woofers and one-inch dome tweeters.

The high-grade premium materials give you a solid and full bass sound that will make you appreciate your favorite songs even more. You will also find that your movie watching experience is much better when you have a pair of these speakers in the room. it has a maximum input power of 180 watts and a sensitivity of 88 decibels the sound reproduction. The speaker offers impressively accurate and it makes for a great addition to any home entertainment system. It offers a well rounded sound that you will enjoy no matter what you are listening.

3. Klipsch RP-280F Review

Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker

The number three on our list is Klipsch RP-280F. The Klipsch RP-280F features a circular horn throat that is coupled to a square horn mouth for great high frequency response and extension. This speaker’s compressed molded rubber construction delivers high frequency damping for reduced harshness. We especially like the linear travel suspension that this speaker uses. It cuts down on distortion to enhance the overall sound and performance. The LTS tweeters that these speakers use are well known for their durable and accurate design.

The dual 8-inch Sarah metallic woofers give this speaker a lightweight design while boosting its ability to produce a clean and crisp sound throughout the entire range. One of the more unique things about the speaker is that it uses tray Strix geometry to allow for efficient and fast air transfer. This results in a powerful low-frequency response that you will be sure to notice right away measuring eighteen points four by ten-point six by forty-three point one inches with a total weight of 62.5 pounds. This speaker is quite heavy and bulky.

2. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II has a one-inch dynamic balance dome tweeter as well as four-six and a half-inch dynamic balanced woofers. It always delivers the best possible sound on a consistent basis for complete reliability. The wider three-dimensional sound dispersion gives you crisp and clear audio that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music and movies on a whole new level. You can also expect to get incredible power and deep bass that only adds to the overall richness of the sound. This speaker offers a big and loud sound that can easily fill up most bedrooms, living rooms and dorm rooms.

It is a great choice if you are trying to put together the best possible home theater set up. The flared port on this speaker minimizes chuffing for Less distortion and a cleaner overall sound. It is made with non-resonant all MDF material that delivers very lifelike audio.

1. Q Acoustics 3050i

The Q Acoustics 3050i features a high-end concept design that is extremely stylish and will fit right in with any home decor. It utilizes point-to-point bracing techniques that reduce cabinet vibrations for pure and accurate sound reproduction. There is also the HP II or Helmholtz pressure equalizer technology, which eliminates sympathetic resonance within the enclosure itself. The twin precision drivers measure 165 millimeters and 22 millimeters. The 22 millimeters decoupled highfrequency driver with wide surround distributes audio across a larger area for a more immersive listening experience.

The technology that this speaker uses is perfect for a floor standing design so you will definitely get your money’s worth. It strikes the perfect balance between self damping and stiffness resulting in a well-balanced overall sound. This speaker is ideal for watching movies listening to music and gaming. It will provide you with deep bass and a crisp mid to high range that you will be sure to love every second of.

Alright, that is all for these best floorstanding speakers for classical music. I hope you like the reviews if you did, please go ahead and share. We do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market.
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