Best Electric Fillet Knife For Redfish – Buying Guide

best electric fillet knife for redfish

Are you looking for the best electric fillet knife for redfish?. For those anglers who are doing fishing activities regularly, the choice of using an electric fillet knife is easy. These knives do their work smoothly through a redfish or any fish just as the hot knife goes through a bar of butter. They are time and energy savers, preserving your patience for other important concerns in life. Like patience for catching the next trophy size!

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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

Michael Lawcock: Was worried about buying it because of price and I grew up using a regular knife. This thing was a wonderful investment. My neighbor and I went out fishing caught 45 walleye I could clean four fish to his one. He is now looking to get one.

Steve Champion: Perfect in almost every way. The choice of blades is handy for filleting the bigger fish. I would have given it 5 stars, but the blade disconnect buttons sometimes release the blade when you grip it for finesse work. The knife doesn’t overheat on those long cleaning days. Overall, I would recommend it. The case is an added bonus.

Alisha Fisher: My Dad said it has been working awesome over the past 2 summers and winters. He uses it on walleye and perch. He always comments on how great of a gift this was.

Craig Anderson: Bought this knife for my step-son for Christmas. He’s quite the avid outdoor person who likes to hunt and fish and just recently purchased a cottage. He was so excited (like a small child on Christmas Day) that he insisted on cutting the Christmas turkey with it. Honestly, this knife did an excellent job. Imagine what it can do on fish etc! This knife has a nice weight and (not heavy) comes with several attachments and a nice carry case. It was priced decently too and appears to have been money well spent. I highly recommend this product!

Craig: Great knife, worth every penny when the sooner u filet the fish, the sooner u get to go to bed after a late night of fishing! Worked like a charm. Perfect filets processed a bunch of walleye in about a third the time it usually takes. Blades were very sharp, knife comfortable to use, lots of power, the only complaint is I didn’t buy it sooner!

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How to choose an Electric Fillet Knife?

Choosing which electric fillet knife can be difficult, even though many of them have similar characteristics. The one clear leader in electric fillet knives is Rapala.

1. Standard Sizes

The standard sizes of these knives are from 4 to 9 inches. Just like a fixed blade fillet knife, a bigger fish will demand a longer blade while a smaller fish only needs a shorter blade. Salmon, redfish and larger fish are cut better with a 9” blade, but the all-around standard size in most of the fillet knives is often a 7.6” blade.

2. The Material

The material must be stainless steel because a metal blade is stronger, durable and corrosive resistant.

3. The Blade Must Be Flexible

Its flexibility is contingent upon its thickness. The thicker blades are the least flexible while the 4 to 6” blades are quite thin and flexible.

4. Handle Must Be Comfortable

The handle must be comfortable to grip and manipulate. The material must either be of rubber or plastic. Make sure the handle has a beveled area for the index finger.

5. Sharpener

It is advisable to buy the knife with a sharpener.

Many benefits can be enumerated from using an electric fillet knife. Aside from economizing time, energy and patience, it is easy to use. The blade will vibrate and you just move it along the fillet until the meat falls off. Once all the meat is stripped off, you can dispose of the bones and skin. You are now safe to enjoy your delicious catch.

To keep your redfish fishing hobby more enjoyable, be sure to include an electric fillet knife for redfish in your fishing equipment gear. Here is our Best electric fillet knife for redfish or any type of fish Winner after research.

Rapala® Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife Combo

I filleted thousands of fish over the years and I rely on a Rapala knife for three simple reasons.

  • They’re extremely sharp.
  • They hold their edge.
  • They’re consistent.

Rapala has two great new electric fillet options now available in a combo kit. A lithium-ion cordless fillet knife combo and a heavy-duty electric fillet knife combo.

The heavy-duty electric fillet knife is the knife I use if I have a lot of fish to play or if I have access to an outlet.

The combo includes an HD electric fillet knife. Dishwasher safe 6 inches and 7 and a half inch reciprocating blades. a fillet fork that securely holds fish down when slaying. and an EVA padded carrying case.

How To Fillet A Redfish With An Electric Knife

I’ll take the Redfish. I start with an angle cut right along with the gill plate.

Spin the fish around. Start with my knife and then turn it right along the spine.

Follow that the backbone all the way down until you get just past the dorsal fin.

Go make your incision all the way and slide down so you complete it all the way through the tail.

And then I’ll just insert my knife and kind of follow the ribs all the way down sliding along the belly making it completely boneless.

Then I’ll flip the fish over and just complete the process.

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Alright, that is all for this Best Electric Fillet Knife For Redfish. I hope you like the reviews if you did, please go ahead and share. We do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market.