Top 3 Best Big And Tall Office Chair For Big Guys

If you are an overweight person and planning to buy a chair, then you’ve got limited choices and you’re likely going to purchase a bit more expensive chair, that is designed to hold much weight. Most of the office chairs are designed to hold less than 250 pounds. So they are not capable of holding over 250 pounds.

Best big and tall office chair
Best big and tall office chair

All of the big & tall office chairs are a bit more expensive than regular office chairs Because more strong and quality materials are needed to create the chair and This is why the big & tall office chair is a higher price chair. But there is still a variety of big and tall office chairs currently available at affordable prices.

All of the big & tall office chairs are not created equally, So it might be difficult for you to determine which kind would be the best comfortable office chair for you. To help your search, We have compiled a list of the top 9 best big and tall office chairs at various price points. Before we get into all the key terms and information that you need to know to make an informed purchase, let’s take a look at a quick overview of the best big and tall office chair.

We have compiled these 3 best big and tall office chair, based on these five important criteria: Support, Comfort, diversity, durability, and style.

1. Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair – Best heavy duty office chair

The Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty big man’s chair, a well built and nice-looking comfortable chair made for overweight people. The Boss B991 offers both comfort and durability at a reasonable price. It is made up of soft caressoftplus leather that is durable and soft to the touch. Most notably, the Boss B991-CP is a sleek, modern design chair with Double Plush pillow-top cushions seat and back and This Double Plush cushions seat and back enable the office chair to give you extra level comfort and long-lasting support.

It is a solidly built chair with high-quality materials. Its sleek, modern design and Attractive Look that makes it looks very professional and luxurious in appearance. I actually thought it more expensive than it is when I first saw it.

This chair is sure to create a stylish atmosphere for any office space. It offers durable construction with reinforced lumbar support, and this Reinforced lumbar support reduces tension and pain within the lumbar region and gives the user comfort and support.

The double plush foam padded cushions seat is very comfortable but it’s not excessively padded, so the seat is quite firm. The seat dimension is 22.5″ wide and about 18.5″ deep from the front to the back. The seat height is adjustable, from the floor to the top of the cushion, it ranges from about 18 7/8-inch to 21 5/8-inch.

The Chair has a pneumatic gas lift height adjustment mechanism that allows the seat height to be easily adjusted from 18 7/8-inch to 21 5/8-inch. Also, The waterfall front seat edge reduces pressure from the lower legs and improves blood circulation and the leather padding armrests are very comfortable and will help you to stay as relaxed as possible.

The Boss B991-CP has a heavy-duty spring tilt mechanism that allows for recline, height adjustment, tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment. It features a tilt angle and tilt lock function so that you can choose the recline position. Or, If you don’t want recline; rock in it in one spot. The recline feature is made for higher weight capacity as a result, it’s somewhat hard to recline, so you need to put more pressure to recline it.

The heavy-duty steel base and Black finish wrap-around steel frame make this Boss B991 office chair is a real powerhouse for heavy-duty use. It has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and 360-degree swivel support and as well as this attractive chair is easy to assemble and won’t take for long periods of time.

Verdict: This sturdy and a well-constructed chair is very efficient and Undoubtedly a comfortable office chair at a fire price. This is well worth the cost. But The only minor flaw in this chair is its assembly system. I think it is a little difficult putting it together but Not impossible, just challenging, when doing it on your own. So Don’t try to do it alone. This is a great chair for the money; it is available on Amazon for under $250, it’s great!. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great big and tall office chair under $250. If you choose the Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair, you will not be disappointed.


  • Built-in lumbar provides added support for the lower back
  • Easily Adjust Height to Your Comfort
  • Commercial-grade components support up to 350 pounds
  • The extra-durable design stands up to heavy, everyday use.
  • Ergonomic tilt mechanism with locking adjustment allows for setting to the preferred angle.
  • Deep layers of double plush padding provide superior sitting comfort
  • 360 degrees for multi-tasking or move from one area of your office


  • Assembling of the seat at times can be a bit tricky
  • The armrest is not adjustable
  • Can be a little challenging to assemble

2. La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy Delano is a big and tall executive office chair that is suitable for tall and big users. It features a high back design, integrated lumbar support mechanism, thick padding on the seat, backrest and armrests, ergonomic structure amid other commercial features that make it your choice office chair.

This office chair is most suitable for tall individuals and that’s why we sampled it among the top 3 best big and tall office chairs. Its features are further discussed below.

High-back design – This chair’s backrest is made taller than other ordinary office chairs so as to suit even tall individuals. The upper part of the backrest has more padding because it acts as the headrest providing extra neck and head support.

Greater stability – Most of this chair’s parts are made from strong wood components giving the chair a bold and executive feel. With a strong and sturdy base and a wider sitting area, the chair attains optimum stability and it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. This makes it usable by anyone without having to worry about it breaking.

Ergonomic structure – This chair is made to adjust to your personal comfort requirements by including the ability to move some of its parts for a customized sitting experience. For instance, the seat can be raised or lowered, with the help of an adjustment knob underneath the seat. Moreover, the backrest can be made to incline or even to rock back and forth, depending on the preference of the user.

This is made possible by the use of a pneumatic control lever underneath the seat. This helps improve spine support and reducing back pains that are brought about by sitting in poor postures over a long period of time. The chair also features an inbuilt lumbar mechanism that ensures lower back support.

Thick padding – The seat and backrest of this executive office chair are thickly padded so as to reduce pressure on the body hence increasing comfort. ComfortCore Plus with advanced Memory Foam layering system gives excellent cushioning for support and comfort. The armrests too are padded to give an extra arm and wrist support.


  • High-back design for tall users.
  • The chair can support up to 400 pounds of weight.
  • Thick padding for extra comfort.
  • Waterfall seat edge technology for extra leg comfort
  • The chair is durable and stable.


  • The armrests are not adjustable.

3. Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair – Best office chair for tall person

Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair

The Serta Executive Office Chair is a big and tall office chair that is suitable for users of any height. It features extra-durable components that outstand long periods of heavy use. It spots a high-back design and deep ergo-layered pillows that provide you with a serene sitting experience. It also features an adjustable lumbar support mechanism for lower back support.

Its armrests are made from classic bentwood and are padded to provide wrist comfort. The chair is fully ergonomic allowing you to get customized support. This executive office chair features among the top 8 best big and tall office chairs.

High-back design – This chair has a high back that is useful for users that are tall. Moreover, the upper part of the backrest is softly padded to act as the headrest and provide head and neck support.

Great stability – The chair features a wide and strong base that is wood-finished hence creating the utmost stability when sitting on the office chair. This makes it able to hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

Ergonomic structure – This executive office chair offers you to customize its parts to get the support you need. With the help of a control lever beneath the seat, you can raise or lower the seat height. Moreover, the chair also features a tilt mechanism that has an infinite locking feature that makes it possible to lock the chair at one fixed position. The chair also features adjustable lumbar support to provide enough lower back support. With a 5-star base and smooth-rolling casters, swiveling around the chair and movements around the office are almost done effortlessly. This eases multitasking.

Thick padding – The backrest and seat are heavily padded with ergo-layered pillows so as to provide a comfortable sitting experience. The headrest is softly padded for head and neck comfort. The armrests too are padded for extra arm and wrist comfort.


  • High-back design.
  • Supports up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Deep-layered pillows for utmost comfort
  • Ergonomic structure with adjustable lumbar support.
  • The chair is durable and stable.


  • The armrests are not adjustable.

How To Choose The Best Big and Tall Office Chair

Buying a big and tall office chair – what to look for

Are you additional of a massive and tall type person or will be the typical size greater for you is really a terrific question to ask yourself when shopping. What size is it which you demand when seated inside your chair? This question applies to numerous different items, services, or items for sale. The big office chair is no various and it is actually essential when picking your workplace chair, that you simply choose the correct 1 for your body kind.

The wide range of adjustments: If you’re shopping for an office chair for the workplace, consider the person’s position this office chair is for. Many big and tall office chair offers a range of adjustments so that your chair can support every part of your body. Numerous tall and Big office chairs present a range of adjustments, to ensure that your chair can assistance just about every portion of your body.

Lumbar support: Another feature that a comfortable big and tall office chair should have is lumbar support. This support should be fully adjustable with height and depth control. When you lean back into the chair your spine should feel supported. You should also feel confident you won’t crack the back of the chair. Lumbar assistance panels are created to support and distribute pressure evenly, so you’ll in no way get that stabbed-in-the-back feeling once more.

Adequate back support: A good office chair with proper back support will improve your posture and confidence to eliminate back pain and stiffness. Selecting an office chair without adequate back support can cause back problems that could stay with you your entire life.

Extra amounts padding: As larger people will compress the padding more in the chair in which they sit these ones come with extra amounts. This will help to ensure that no matter how long one remains sat in the chair during the day it will remain comfortable at all times. If the padding is allowed to compress too much this can lead to circulation problems for the user as more pressure is being placed on the legs and posterior.

Adjustable headrests and armrests: Lots of Huge and Tall Workplace Chairs also supply adjustable headrests and armrests, so you’ll never locate oneself leaning awkwardly or hunching over for assistance.

Sliding seats: Sliding seats may be positioned to cushion longer legs.

Designed for long hours use: A good big and tall office chair will be designed to offer the best possible feel for the long duration that it is being used. Most chairs will have numerous adjustments that can change the angle and height of the chair so it can be adjusted to fit any person that sits in it.

The most effective suggestion for choosing a tall and big office chair would be to look for one with abundant functions, especially for its adjustability. A good workplace chair will let you adjust all its characteristics – back, armrests, height, and tilt ought to be adjustable to make sure comfort. Based on recent statistics, an average worker generally spends 75 to 80 percent of the day sitting. This really is not fantastic, due to the fact based on chiropractors, prolonged sitting applies pressure to your spine. The probabilities of developing neck or back discomfort increase if you sit on a chair that cannot be adjusted.


In conclusion, through this article, we hope that you have a more visible choice of the heavy duty office chair that will fit all your needs and desires. There are lots of big and tall office chairs on the market with all the glowing advertising, those top 3 big and tall office chair suggestions were picked out from our experience, features research, and longtime observation. Many pros and cons were examined through customers’ feedbacks on retailers’ shopping sites.

You don’t have to squeeze yourself in order to fit into an office chair that does not sustain all your comfort needs. This will lead to discomfort and body pains due to long periods of sitting in poor postures. Therefore, for the big and tall individuals, looking for a big man’s chair is the ultimate solution in settling your comfort needs. Enjoy your sitting experience.